Same-sex Marriage Case in New York: Re-posting from 10/19/06

I was driving home from the grocery store and I turned on the radio; it was tuned to a Christian station that I sometimes listen to and there was a “news report” on the upcoming same-sex marriage case that is to be heard in the New York State Supreme Court.

The “reporter,” his voice positively dripping with disdain, referred to the case no less than four times as “so-called homosexual marriage;” as if the very idea made him want to either laugh or lose his lunch.

I suppose I should not be surprised; I have been hearing the so-called Christian Right’s hate for GLBT people for years. Since the Berlin Wall came down and they no longer have the Communists to demonize, the gay community has become the focus of their irrational fears and insane hatred. There was really nothing new in what I was hearing on my car radio.

But there is an irony here that makes my blood boil. These are the same people that have been saying since the 1950s and before that gay people are incapable of sustaining relationships. They call us sex-crazed and promiscuous, and insist that our relationships do not last.

Now, when we are taking a stand and saying, “Yes, we want to have lasting relationships. We want to be solid citizens. We want our loves recognized and validated, and to be seen as legitimate members of society;” they are doing a 180 and denying us the opportunity to have the very committed relationships that they accused us of not being able to form in the first place!

As I said, I suppose I should not be surprised. And on reflection, I guess I’m not, really. I just wish these people would make up their minds. They hate us so much that their hatred has blinded them even to common sense.

I hope we win the case here in New York; my partner and I will be the first in line for a marriage license. And if that nauseates some so-called Christians, they can just take some Alka-Seltzer and shut up.

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