Facebook: Clutter and my Desk

As I sat down this morning in front of my computer with my usual cup of coffee and signed on to gmail and Facebook, as I always do, I noticed that my Facebook account and my desk are in a similar state of disarray.

On my desk, there are papers piled everywhere; most of them old bills that need to be thrown away (since I do all my bills on-line these days, this consists mostly of receipts I printed out; I can’t seem to break the paper habit completely).

My Facebook account is similarly cluttered:  pages I “liked” six months ago that are no longer relevant, Groups I joined that I either no longer agree with, that have become repositories for spam, or never discuss the topic the Group was created for in the first place.  Then there are the groups and pages I “liked” or “joined” on a whim or the recommendation of a friend only to realize later on that I could not possibly care less about…whatever the thing was about.

So I set out to clean up my Facebook account.  And they do not make it easy.  You have to pull up each group or page individually and “leave” the group or “unlike” the page.  Since between groups and pages I had well over two hundred of these things, getting it down to the ones I really care about or am interested in took a good three hours.

I am now quite ready for a nap, thank you very much.  And incidentally Facebook, while there is much about you that I love (For example, you have helped me locate some friends that I thought were lost to me forever), when it comes to managing my account, you are far from user-friendly.  I am not a computer programmer, but there has to be a faster way to clean out your Groups and Pages than having to go into each one separately.

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