Another Hatemonger Comes Out of the Woodwork

Just when you thought that Old Freddie Phelps and his Krazy Klan of Bigots was as bad as it could possibly get for the LGBT community in the Christian church, along comes some yokel from Hamilton, Alabama by the name of Damon Thompson, who makes the Phelps family look like the amateurs they are.

The following clip from YouTube sums it up quite nicely:

After viewing that, there really isn’t much more that I can add, except that I did a little digging and managed to locate the webpage of Thompson’s “ministry;” an organization called The Ramp whose target audience is kids.  Yes, that’s right:  the vile stuff you just heard him spewing is directed at kids.

As for Thompson’s credentials, it does not look to me as though he has any:

There is no mention of a seminary or even, God help us, a Bible college.  This guy is just some jackass who thinks that because he has read the Bible he is entitled to spread his interpretation of it all over the place and to hell with who it hurts.

Since the YouTube thing hit the Internet, his Facebook page has been quite active:

Well I’ll keep this one brief.  Just another asshole that LGBT kids have to deal with.  I hope he realizes that when some poor kid kills him/herself after listening to one of this bastard’s hateful rants, that child’s blood will be on his hands.

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