Equality Redux

Recently I posted about a Black woman on Facebook who, when I posted something she did not like, went ballistic on me and called me every dirty, filthy, anti-Gay name she could think of and a couple I think she made up as she went along. I took it for a while, then I went to private message and called her a nasty name referencing her race (no, it was not the N word, but it was nasty and clearly not the coolest of moves, but she had crossed a line I never cross and I just wanted to see how she would react if she got the same treatment).

Naturally, she went nuts.  The words “bigot” and “racist” finally got tossed around and it was obvious that in her mind I was the villain of the piece.

Now my question, should she see this, is as follows:  So let me see if I have this right:  it is not bigotry when a straight person attacks a Gay person based on his sexuality (and I might remind you, Lady, that you went there first), but when a White person references a Black person’s race in an insulting manner, that IS bigotry?  I was under the impression that they would both fall under the same category.

Let me be clear on something:  the thing I said to you was something that under normal circumstances I would never say.  But I confess I was curious (in addition to being irritated):  I wanted to see if bigotry was a two way street for you.  Obviously in your mind it is not.  You can spew whatever vile and vicious hateful words you want, against any group that you feel like degrading for whatever reason you may have, but insulting you in that same manner is off limits?

I have news for you.  If we are ever to achieve equality in this world, ALL hate speech has to stop.  Not just the kind that pisses you off.

After she had had enough of me she blocked me and frankly I thought I was well rid of her.

Be careful what you wish for.  I found the Lady on YouTube and someone else made a comment on one of her videos that she was crazy and called her a bigot into the bargain.  So I gave an abridged version of what had happened, and I heard from her again; this time she accused me of “defamation” (sorry, sweetheart, but it is only defamation if it isn’t true) and made a veiled threat of legal action which I dismissed because I have nothing she could sue me for and besides it would cost her a fortune.  Over a few words on Facebook?  I doubt it.

Well a couple days ago I got a message from her, this time on YouTube, once again going after my sexuality and calling me vile names.  This time I merely reported her remarks and then deleted the entire thread.  You wanna stew in your hatred, honey, you go ahead, but you just leave me out of it.  I didn’t start it, but I am finishing it.

Oh and incidentally in that YouTube video you said you were an atheist.  If that’s true, why did you tell me that I was not married in the sight of God and that God hated me?  Also I found a few videos of you singing Gospel in churches.  Do THEY know you’re an atheist?  Might cramp your style, I should think.  

Don’t worry, I won’t tell them.  In fact I want nothing more than to be done with you.  So if you have to rant on me, go ahead.  You can be as mean and as hurtful as you want, but I have news for you:  I have heard it all before.  I am fifty-two years old and I got immune to your shit at least twenty-five years ago.  So bring it.  I REALLY don’t care.


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